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The greatest tragedy of modern times, with all the technology and communication is that we are exposed to the entirety of human knowledge, experience, perception and imagery. While on the surface these advances may seem like like progress, we are victimized by our tendancy to compare, envy, judge and fall victim to our insecurities.

Those that lack confidence, self-assurance and true identity awareness, compromise their authenticity to fit into the mold that appears to be most widely reflected in the portion of society the individual  is most drawn to. This results in way too many people playing a part, wearing a mask,ug refusing to allow their genuine personality to make the requisite contribution to the  “WHOLE” that it was intended to make. This leaves the Mosaic of life with missing pieces.

Life is like a puzzle.images Each and every thing, person, component has a purpose. When the true nature of any part is corrupted, the entire picture is compromised.

Do not let the desire to be “Like” others cause us to be less than ourselves. Life demands authenticity.  Look inside and allow yourself to come out! When our authentic contribution is made to the collective of life, love is represented and joy reigns supreme.


The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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