The Mess of Stress

The Mess of Stress.
Headaches, Depression, Heartburn, Rapid Breathing, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Upset Stomach/gastrointestinal issues, Weekend immune System, Muscle Tension, Erectile Dysfunction,  & menstrual Issues
Stress is a killer. Although the physical effect on the body is the issue, it is not a disease. Stress is not bacterial, viral. infectious, or contagious. There is no procedure that can remove it surgically, or biologically.  Stress is 100% PERSONAL!  This  man 
killer is completely self-inflicted and born of thought by choice.

We can’t see or touch stress. One would think it looked like a lump of solid bile, or dried vomit, but it is tasteless, colorless & odorless. That is why it sneaks up on us when we stress 2least expect it. So just what is this monster and why do so many suffer from it? Even more importantly, how do we rid ourselves of it, or avoid it altogether?

The good news is that we need not rely on ground breaking methods or state of the art equipment. Nor do we need astronomically priced pharmaceuticals. The good news, great news is that we can THINK IT AWAY! We can do this because we thought it into existence in the first place. Stress is brought on by worry. Worry is thinking about the possibility for negative situation  that may occur in the future, or disturbed about current and past negative situations. The thought of devastating fallout from our action or inaction creates fear. 99% of the time, that which we project never happens, or when it does, the impact is minimal compared to what we were fearful of. Even if our worst fear came true, having worried to begin with does nothing to mitigate the situation. The worry only makes matters worse, or at least seem & feel worse. When we worry about the outcome of an event, our ability to perform in such a manner to prevent our dreaded outcome is minimized by our fear and anxiety.

Too many people are stressed about finances, relationships, and job performance. We all need to dial it back a bit. If we do the best we can, we need to know that  that is all we can do, then deal with the outcome when it presents itself. I am not advocating that we don’t care, but we need to release the though that we are so important that our actions are as critical as our minds are imagining they are. That is the epitome of arrogance to begin with.

Some of the most stressed folk I know are the ones that outperform the masses to begin with. The quintessential perfectionist who holds him/herself to standards that are way above the rest of us, usually have the highest levels of anxiety. The real funny thing is that those of us that look quite inept in their shadow, are stress free.

If we are feeling stressed, we need to navigate through our day, offering the common good of society our best effort, be grateful for our ability, and leave it alone. Perhaps I don’t get the promotion & raise, or win the award, or trophy, But erectile dysfunction, gastro issues and headaches with a fatter bank account and wall of trophies is no way to live. There is no joy in that.

Do what you do as good as you can, and KNOW that it is enough. After all, whatever we are doing, it is only to create more joy in our lives anyway, so why sabotage it from the beginning? Worry  is negativity about the future. I know we are all tired of hearing this, but thinking on the bright side, and harboring a positive attitude changes everything. We each are responsible for what and how we think. No matter what (THEY) do to us, THEY can’t make us think a certain way. We are completely in control of our thoughts. Ergo, we are completely responsible for, and able to rid ourselves of: STRESS!

 Love yourself and it all goes away!calm

 Positively Speaking: The JOURNEY  IS the Destination




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