The Voice of Choice

There are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life fully, entirely, completely, or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands.” Oscar Wilde

Who am I really? Why am I here? How did I end up in such a mess? I deserve better! They did this to me! Why me, what have I done wrong? This is an example of the conversation we all have with ourselves when we aren’t having the life experience we feel we should have. The outright refusal to take responsibility for our results, and abject denial of complicity is rampant in society today. Many of us are miserable and we point fingers outwardly demanding reparation for our pain come from the same illusory “them” that we claim victimization of. I see this as another manifestation of mental illness. They say doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different outcomes is insane. Well I say, blindly jumping on the “ bandwagon” then complaining about where you go, is also insane.

We have our parents, family, friends & neighbors, faith groups, schools, political leaders, media, entertainment community, sports world, fashion and tech culture all putting out examples of who we should be, how we should live & behave.  The desire to “fit in”, and be accepted is so strong, that we compromise our integrity, discard our sense of self and make choices that conform to one of the above pressure groups, (and they are pressure groups as they are all vying for our allegiance, that will translate to power & $$), then lament about our the victims robe we have adorned ourselves with blaming it on forces in opposition to those whose side we chose. After all; they are always trying to get us, aren’t they?

I can’t discern if it is weak mindedness, confusion, laziness, or fear that motivates one to conform, but it is way to prevalent these days. So many that live in pain, poverty, debt and fear, blaming society for their lot, can look in the mirror and see that the situation of their life is a direct result of choices they have made. No matter how strong the pull or encompassing the model is, we ultimately decide to acquiesce or ignore. No outside force can rob us of our ability to choose, and choice is tethered to every action word and deed in our lives.

When we scrutinize the conditions we find ourselves navigating through everyday, asking the questions listed above and voicing our dissatisfaction, we need to look at our decisions and own the results. Then, and only then will be able to create lasting change. When we point the finger of blame, we imprison ourselves behind the bars powerlessness believing that “they did this, so they have to help me”. Alas, we do not accept our lack of power and take to the streets to assert our right to live our own bliss, and rebel against “Them” for the poor choices WE have made. Sounds a little hinky to me.

The opopeye-yam-spinnly path to bliss is on a carpet of authenticity. Look within and determine what truly brings you joy, absent of anything external. Make choices based upon that, and the questions will go away. Popeye knew it, he always said: “ I YAM WHAT I YAM!”


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