The law of attraction is a New Age, New Thought, term for the spiritual condition that creates our experience.  In the James Allen Classic :” As A Man Thinketh” The Law of Attraction ( LOA) is defined as like conditions, attract like conditions, or all things unto themselves are drawn.

Many variations of this term have been coined in the last 2 hundred years by a plethora of authors to describe the mindset that creates our reality. In recent times it has been more closely ascribed to the thought process needed to create the conditions of your dreams, goals, and strongest desires. We are told,; As a man thinks, so shall he be; Believe it and you will receive it; whatsoever you believe in your heart, shall show up in your life; etc, etc ad infinitum! So the new belief among those open minded enough to stray from the religious doctrine of their clan is that you will live out your widest dreams if you believe you will.  There are hundreds of thousands of books, workshops, programs, retreats, hypnotherapeutic downloads, up loads and vides that are marketed toward this demand. I have read, worked, and followed many. I am quite attuned to the mind, body, sprit, science, physic, religion connection. I believe with all my heart in these truths.

Having been raised catholic/Christian, and well read on Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and the like, I can clearly see the religion behind this religion-free life guidance. In all iterations of Christianity, the LOA is a GOD-FREE way of explaining faith.

  1.  Christianity: Luke 17: 6 If you had faith the size of a mustard seed you would say to this mulberry tree, “ Be uprooted and planted in the sea”, and it would obey you
  2. Mark 9:2.  Everything is possible for one who has faith.
  3. Mark 11: 24.What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you have already received them, and you shall have them.
  4. Mark 10:52 Go, your faith has healed you

The component that is completely glossed over in both New Age & Christian understanding (for the most part) is that these explanations, lessons, edicts’ or revelations, are an undeniable, immutable truth prevalent in all aspects of the unfolding of life. Many believe that both Faith & the LOA are only relevant with respect to strong concerns and desires. E.g., praying for a sick loved one, asking God to help with a relationship, praying for riches, health and happiness. Or;  trying to attract success, wealth, love, & relationship etc. The piece that gets lost is that every aspect of life, individually & collectively is born of the mind of the experience. So not only the outcome of the big test, of whether I get the promotion, is at stake, but if I have a stuffy nose or img_3634not, if the sun shines or rains pours on my BBQ, when I stub my toe or not and if traffic is light or heavy and parking space available or not. It is all base upon our thoughts.


My assertion is that you cannot attempt to “apply” faith or the LOA toward a specific component of life. They are the catalyst for the unfolding of your entire experience and thus in continuous operation, albeit unconscious. Those that attempt to alter outcomes consciously by following program steps and techniques, and continue to be disappointed, are steered toward clearing methods to remove the blockage in their subconscious mind that is preventing them to truly believe in the realization of their intent.  You see, you must unequivocally believe in order to receive: Mark 11: 24.What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you have already received them, and you shall have them. The repetition of endless affirmation in the mirror, and the digestion of positive materials alone will not alter your inner most convictions. Perhaps they may, with a serious investment work, & time a few will realize their dream. One of the issues I see is that every day, minute, second sans intentional manifestation, yields a modicum o resentment, doubt & disappointment. This is a natural human reaction. These negative emotions derail our attempt at creating that wild dream.


The point where Religion and New Thought diverge is when it come to the catalyst for such endeavors. The Bible will never advocate striving for riches, status, wealth, power & abundance.  These conditions while comfortable and widely sought after, are excessive desires. We all have heard that money cannot buy happiness, etc. So let us look at the reason behind EVERYTHING.

The # 1 human desire is happiness & joy. I believe we were created as extensions of, and components of 1 LIFE, such as branches of tree, or droplets of water in the ocean. All is ONE. The myriad of representations of THE 1 create unlimited diversity that allows for downloadexperience, which is necessary for JOY. The Bible tells us : do unto others, etc. and be charitable, and what you do to them, you do to me.  We are also taught that we each have a special gift or talent that is to be used to contrinute to the well being of the common good, in the same way your legs propel you, and your eyes show the way, each of us needs to do our part like pieces of a puzzle. When we are using our gifts ( the talents that bring us joy to exercise) and make a contribution to the WHOLE, then  the WHOLE responds in kind, and our needs are met. ERGO: NIRVANA, or HEAVEN ON EARTH.


With Faith, and with the LOA, opposing conditions will cancel each another out. To pray for relief from a health concern, if you pray with ease, gratitude and an absolute knowing that your GOD is fixing the situation and you have no reason to be concerned, you will be healed. If you pray while filled with fear, dread and hopelessness, that is the indication that your faith is not genuine and you will not find relief.


Looking at the # 1 reason people flock toward LOA programs and teachings; wealth. We need to analyze motives. A strong desire for wealth, abundance, power, money & things, is born of the fear thatimagesCAAITJOZ happiness and joy cannot be realized without them. There is fear that we will not have “ enough” to survive our days comfortably.  This exposes the truth that the #1 situation we are all trying to attract is coming from fear, when we will only attract conditions that are aligned with our feelings of love, gratitude, and joy. This will sabotage any effort to follow a specific intent.


SO, If I love to paint, ( yes even just paining houses, barns or fences, the desire path I should be praying for, of affirming the LOA for should not be to receive unlimited steams of income, but to help as many people as far and wide as possible to receive joy from my work. Knowing that those that experience my work are always very happy and walk away better for having encountered me, this will not create opposition. My desire, and what I am convicted is real are aligned. Now, I can either become wildly wealthy through a booming business that creates franchises and becomes a major  worldwide conglomerate, or I can make a modest living in a small town, while also helping those less fortunate, and provide jobs, and either way, be ecstatically happy. The end result after all is joy, is it not?

I believe that praying for, or trying to USE the LOA to create any condition that is born of fear and pain, is doomed to fail. While praying or intending to spread joy, and make a positive contribution to the ALL & ALL will unfold with ease and synchronicity. Whatever the financial or relational result is, it will be coupled with peace of mind and joy, rendering the needs moot.


My Book: 1st Things 1st, My Journey with The LOA speaks to these and other revelations I have had from over 35 years of focus on thought, creation, mind, spirit teaching.



I am not setting out to claim the LOA is a hoax or snake oil. Many well meaning authors, teachers, coaches, lecturers and Gurus genuinely attempt to improve life with these lessons. I am one that has gone down the path, experienced the frustration that many have, and determined why.

To set the record staright: I believe with all my heart that as we believe, we receive. I also feel that to alter that to meet fear based desires is akin to the shoveling sand against the tide. It is a good place to be focused, but the likelyhood of ever getting where we are aiming is slim.


Check your motive, alter you desire, align with the universe, and things will unfold with less effort.


The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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