I am not sure when you will be reading this, but for perspective I am writing it on October 27 2018. I am sharing that because we are entering the season where Americans come together to express their gratitude. The focus of one’s gratitude varies. To some there are deeply personal issues and others are thankful for the generalities we all share, but there are as many reasons to be thankful as there are DNA markers.

I say that, while watching the news of 11 people killed in Pittsburgh, after days of hearing about bombs sent to Democrat politicians and celebrity activists, which images (1)was preceded by ricin laced letters being sent to The White House and several Republican figures. There is nothing on the news lately that demonstrates Americans being GRATEFUL about anything. Lucky for us there are 328 million people in The Good Ole US of A. What we see thrust at us from the media may tend to reflect 2-3% of us.  I’m not jumping on the “fake news” train, but sharing that news in general is only reflective of very few, out front, public situations. The vast majority live our lives in relative obscurity, bordering on anonymity. Like the tip of an iceberg, what we see is minutia compared to what is there. That is certainly a relief to me, how about you?

Tragedy and calamity sells. The media will push anything in front of us that seems outrageous, contentious, or volatile, just to get the attention. Then we feed into, share it and allow the negativity to expand exponentially until it seems that all there is, is crap. Fortunately that is not the case. If you have ever read anything I have written, you know I attempt to bolster positive thinking, speaking, sharing and actions. I know that positive energy and negative energy cannot exist in the same time/space environment. Likewise, Joy, peace, success, and contentment will not flourish in a negative place.

 As we draw near to Thanksgiving, I invite everyone to look at the life directly in front of you, find reasons for gratitude; ( health, stability, love, family, safety, home, job, friends, freedom from tyranny, freedoms of speech, expression etc, and the opportunity to control your own destiny), and be grateful for them. Now to be truly grateful, we must also send out vibes that will support gratitude. Those would be: acceptance, forgiveness, charity, encouragement, support, love, peace and service. To be truly thankful, we must espouse our own gratitude lest we be hypocritesguys. Any authentic expression demands a genuine commitment to the value of it.

Now for the true “life affirming” component of gratitude: SHARE IT! Speak of only positive situations within your inner circle. images (3)Post those weddings, births, puppies and butterflies on social media. Turn off the negativity of the news and refuse to discuss their toxic stories, “fake or real”. If we claim to be grateful, we will strive to attract, and create more of the same. We will never attract peace with hammer. This year, we should all say Thank You!

My FB Page ( Positively Speaking) will be posting a gratitude affirmation everyday until Thanksgiving. Feel free to visit my page and post yours in the comments.


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