All of us are connected. The understanding of that will open your world.

The greatest illusion that enshrouds us is that all things are individual and apart from one another. This gives us the perspective of isolationism, helplessness and need.

The belief that all things and creatures are individual entities unto themselves causes us to seek out others for companionship and validation while competing for the “things” we believe we need to sustain us and finally defending ourselves and shunning those that would do us harm or make us less than we see ourselves to be.

Once we come to the realization that all things are ONE THING and not apart from but a part of everything, life changes as fear is replaced by love and contribution replaces competition.

Spiritually and physically all of life is only 1 life with unlimited parts and components. It is the same as how our bodies have limbs, blood, organs, bacteria, enzymes, and millions of living organisms as its parts; so is the body only a small part of the WHOLE.

Everything we know as our world,(and much, much more) is God. There is no beginning or end to this life. We are individuated by our limiting thoughts of self (which is the ADAM & EVE STORY). When we focus internally we can find the point of intersection where the God mind overtakes the individuated mind. That is the small voice we call conscience.

By listening to this voice as opposed to the garbage coming at us from the illusion, we can find our purpose, live our bliss and be free from fear and pain.

This is The RealEYEzation of ONENESS. We see life through the real eyes of spiritual truth and are set free from the self imposed bondage and limitation of the self.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

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Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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