Night Begat The Day

Positively Poetry

Upon this longest winter Night, The light of day eludes our sight

 As fear and dread enshrouds our mind, surprise of the Celestial kind

Solstice (1)

 Draws our thoughts a to turn with, the promise of  better days begin

 All at once the visions clear, we’ve been living lives of fear


The sights we know to be our truth,

 Have been fixed in place for years

 The tales been told to all the youth

 Eventually ends with us in tears


The ancients claim that long ago, the Moon begat the Sun

Our mind of logic says this ain’t so, such a task cannot be done


With this reveal all men refute the tales and lore of time gone by

 Generations move along with intent to  live the lie


What  was once revered and respected

Had soon become feeble rants

 Now the tales of fools rejected

Solstice (4)

 Wisdom’s lure the mind…

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