Embrace the Darkness

The Winter Solstice Story is one of deep introspection.  We all understand that the deeper the darkness that enshrouds us becomes, the more brilliant the prevailing glow of night can be. As we fix our eyes upon the heavens this night, we can behold a majesty that no artist or poet will do justice to. It is within this Celestial display that we will find our truth. Closing out the harsh light of day that brings with it the hustle and bustle of the illusory world of material and deception, we can find that quiet spot at the core of our being where we are all joined  in TRUTH as ONE.

Legend tells that on this night the moon gave birth to the sun. In like manner (for those of Christian faith) mortal woman gave birth to Divinity. Both of these conditions validate the truth that greatness is only born of humility. For once the Carpenter from Bethlehem explained how the meek would inherit the earth grandiosity and hubris became the indicators of selfishness and pride, while generosity and altruism became the mantle of greatness.

This “Longest Night” and conversely shortest day, brings opportunity for reflection. Much of the world we have created has been borne of the illusion that we are separate from one another. They are idols and monuments to ego and grandiosity. As December 21st has the shortest period of daylight, the vision of these falsehoods minimizes as we have the chance to allow our eyes to focus on the darkness of night until we find our inner light. Within the glow of spirit is where we find the connection that allows for peace and fosters unconditional love.

Embrace the dark this Solstice night and behold the majesty of who you really are.


The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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