To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis Smedes

Holidays and family are not always the recipe for peace, joy, and cheer. Being related, even blood and DNA, does not ensure nurturing, living relationship. Many of us feel that being “family” comes with requirement and entitlement. There are some people that take liberties and treat others poorly without consequence feeling the relationship gives them a pass. Holiday get together s force us to have to interact.

Nothing ruins a great day more than having no choice but to put up with bad behavior and lack of respect.

At times it is easier to skip the gathering or not invite a person if the gathering is yours. Don’t let others make you compromise your peace and enjoyment

because they think it makes you the bigger person.

It is okay to keep those that are negative influences out of our lives.

The fallout from your choice will be less harmful than being held captive in a crowd.

Love yourself 1st and you will be able to share your joy with others.

Compromise your self-respect and not only will the Holiday be ruined for you, but surely your light will not shine on others as magnificently as it should.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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