Merry Christmas

For thousands of years after Moses, mankind obeyed and feared a vengeful yet benevolent God. The commandments were followed out of fear of the Mighty wrath of the all powerful ruling deity.

The life of Jesus was the proclamation that the Creator of ALL THAT IS was more of a Father figure than a dictator. The message of us all being connected, forgiven, and co- creators was meant to unify and sanitize humanity. All at once fear could have been eradicated as faith, peace and love became the new paradigm.

2018 years later we are still a holy mess. At best, many give pause during the season that we celebrate the birth of this grand message. While shrouding ourselves in fear, mistrust, competition and isolation the rest of the year.

The greatest gift we could ever give each other on this day is to permanently adopt the perspectives that the Life of Jesus demonstrated. That is what Santa Clause is all about. He shows us the joy of giving to one another. We can all give love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. Those are the gifts that do not need a receipt because they are one size fits all, the right flavor, and always in fashion. They are also the gifts that don’t created credit card debt.

As we open boxes today, let’s also open hearts and minds. Share the story, spread the Glory.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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