Authenticity Rocks!

We all understand that no two anything are similar. DNA, fingerprints, hair follicles, grains of sand, types of fungi, bacteria and plant life, nothing, everything! All are different.

It is time we come to the understanding that this is by design, not happenstance. The beauty of life, of nature of ALL THAT IS, is inherent in it’s diversity. The combination of contrasting, often conflicting patterns, dissonant, yet symphonic, antagonistic, while harmonic all converge to create the majesty of life. While this universal dance of perfection unfolds effortlessly, we battle against it by trying to create homogeneity and congruence, against all odds.

As we battle the forces of nature to get our way, we feel the stress akin to rowing upstream in a might river. We wander around sick and miserable lamenting the pain of our differences while all the while, peace and love could be found by letting go. There is nothing upstream that we need. The past is gone, we need to live in the present and move toward what is to be. To look back and attempt to replicate is blasphemy and abomination.

To experience the joy of being, it is imperative that we embrace our being and celebrate or diversity.

Be who your are, you are magnificent in your authenticity and vile in your imitation.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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