Give it away to keep it.

Christmas is over and the decorations are coming down, trees getting tossed and boxes broken and folded for recycling.Did you get what you wanted from Santa? I’m sure there are many of us that have gotten widget like thingamabobs that we have no use for and may not even understand. Do you re- wrap it for the next co-worker birthday, or second cousin once removed daughter’s daughter that is having an engagement party/shower? I think I just keep it in a drawer or closet for a dozen years then toss it. Usually one month after I toss it, I discovered what its purpose was and go out and buy one; but that’s just me (reason my wife calls me a colorful name that is often used when referring to a part of the male anatomy, but that’s a story for another time). When we give a gift we have gotten to another, we are in essence sharing our gift, in an attempt to bring some sort of joy to another, (to whatever extent thingamabobs do).

 That makes me think about being on the road. Most of us are familiar with road rage and the cause. It seems, even when we are not in a hurry the idea of another getting in front of us and delaying our journey by 1/100,000,000 of a nanosecond, drives most people berserk. We tend to defend our place in line and safeguard it with our lives. For those of that are ON 2 Wheels, or in a precious Classic, Sports Car or Hot Rod, we lean toward altruism and allow others the space they are looking for. We all know that there is not a charitable thought behind this, only self-preservation. We are a bit more cautious since being on 2 wheels we are more vulnerable, and in our hot rod, we really, really want to protect it. So in essence, we allow others a bit of joy, because it benefits us.

That brings me to my message for today. JOY (the proverbial Holy Grail behind EVERYTHING WE SEEK) is a dichotomy. We can only experience it by giving it away. In the same manner that we give others on the road space to feel safer ourselves, and we give gifts to friends & family to feel good ourselves, THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE OURSELVES IS TO BE THE SOURCE OF JOY FOR OTHERS. The old adage “It is better to give than to receive” is a Spiritual Truth, and cosmic law, an immutable reality of life. There is more personal satisfaction, self-love, and sense of well being derived from doing, for, or giving to; OTHERS than we will ever glean from being the recipient of anything.

This year, as we transition from the boxes, trees and lights looking forward to a new year, with NEW BEGINNINGS, we should be mindful of our role as servants to one another. Not only is the new year an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, every day, every moment has the possibility to begin again.

The shortest route to personal well being; is being the source of Joy. When we give it away, we keep it. By shining the brilliant light of our talents and gifts on others, we bask in the glow ourselves. Each of us has a passion for something that puts a huge grin on our face when we are involved in it. That is the gift we were meant to share.  Re-gift what you were given and find that the real meaning of Christmas, the real meaning of life; is to SERVE.  FIND YOUR BLISS THROUGH SPREADING JOY, LOVE & LIGHT.


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