Clarity of Purpose vs. Wants & Desires


Do we really know what we want?


We hear that term a lot lately. There are thousands of programs, websites, and workshops designed to instruct us how to “Manifest our desires”. Let’s face it; most of us are only trying pull $$ out of thin air.
Before starting any deeper spiritual practice designed around creating your own reality (which is what is happening anyway) we all need to be clear on what we want, and why!

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There are principles behind these “manifesting” programs that are only tangentially touched on, but profoundly important. The 1st of which is THE WHY!We are all attracting conditions into our experience that reflect our most predominant thoughts. Most of us are thinking about becoming happier and getting what we think we need to fulfill that desire.
The majority will default to thoughts of $$. That is because there is a secret fear of suffering due to the lack of money. That particular kind of behavior

has been programmed by society and past erroneous messages we’ve been given by the masses, our family, peers, the media and the GURUS. We have been programmed to believe that STUFF, is the foundation of JOY. But  the need for STUFF to deliver JOY, is born out of fear that not enough STUFF, will keep JOY away.
When our most prevalent thought is mired by fear the semblance of the desires that we attract never tend to nurture us. Only thoughts that are shrouded in JOY to begin with, will allow the manifestation of any part of the desire with JOY & PEACE. Once we are creating from a place of faith & joy, not from fear and pain, any riches that may nurture us will flow with little to no effort. The telltale sign of this being true is that the “Gifts” we each have, our talent, is always something that we enjoy doing regardless the end result. Very few of us make our living with our gift, but if more did, this planet would be much better off. Too many of chase fame & fortune through means we think will attract greater riches, at the expense of our integrity and authenticity. It is no wonder there are so many miserable souls hell bent on attacking these days. It is like going with the flow, paddling our canoes with the current instead of upstream, it is easier, and we get to our destination quicker, with less strain & pain.

How many of those that society reveres have lost their family, been subject to harassment, scandal and attack, or have sacrificed health and even life in the pursuit of a goal, that when achieved is short lived? Can we really call it success to spend 10,20, 30 years struggling, sacrificing and being riddled with pain and frustration, for a few short years of beating our chest at the end of our lives? I think the joke is them. I would rather enjoy my few years while I have them, go to my kids soccer games and recitals, actually taste my meals, and have with whatever I am doing. Under those conditions, whatever I produce will be of more value to society.

 Personally, ( I’m sure there are those thatwill disagree). Whoever said: “No pain, No gain”, or “ Nothing worth havingcomes easy”, were so far off the mark they couldn’t even see the prize. I feel,( Just me mind you) If you are experiencing pain, suffering, sacrificing foryour goals, that once you achieve them you will be disappointed. My belief isthat the path of least résistance, the road that is joyful all the way, will yieldthe best result. Anything else is shoveling shit against the tide.

We all have talents and abilities that are meant to be our “OFFERING” to the collective of our experience. It is our gifts, that become our gifts to the world. See New Testament 1st Corinthians 12, Spiritual gifts, & One Body many parts. Therein lies the truth of purpose. It is only when we are using

our gifts (talents) to improve the overall well being of life (of which we are a part), that we will be able to know the authentic condition of organic JOY. Life is a puzzle of which we are each a piece and must place it in the space where it fits the best to feel the peace and contentment that comes through the unified collaboration of love.

What are YOU looking for? Whatever it is; that is what you are attracting. Manifesting is the act of creating reality by means of repeated and

concerted thought & concentration. Is your mind focused on what makes you happy, or on what THEY SAY SHOULD make you happy? There is a marked difference between the two.

Seek JOY, Seek to make a difference, Then, and ONLY THEN will you be attracting and living your

bliss. $$ will not usher in joy, nor will fame or celebrity.  Get CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT, YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!


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