Connections, interactions, & relationships

The life we know, interact in and navigate through is both a singular event and a collaborative undertaking. I know, I just contradicted myself. I tend to do that. Life is a series of contradictions, a dichotomy of events and possibilities that feed off each other and cancel each other out. This is exactly why I find it so interesting to write about.

While I would insist that life exists solely in our minds as thought, with everything we believe we are experiencing being created by us, for us, I will also claim that it is the culmination of all the collective thoughts playing out simultaneously, reacting to one another. In short, life is a puzzle we are creating as we go, and all the players we perceive (create) have a vital piece that needs to be inserted in the proper spot for the picture to present flawlessly. We all have a contribution to make to the whole (greater good) and that contribution is designed to serve the others and help thumbnailcavrlgigfacilitate their inclusion in the picture. This requires relationships. There are romantic, work, friend, casual acquaintance, group dynamic, team, and adversarial relationships. All of these forms of human connection are designed to unify the individuals in order to create a collective whole.  So while I may claim I AM “ALL THAT IS”, I will also explain that I need everyone else in order to be. Did I lose you yet?

The purpose of relationship is to make many into 1.  We are supposed to take all of the life we encounter and blend it with our own to create a big ball of JOY! SO; if we shroud ourselves with relationships that are not empowering we will diminish instead of grow. Way too many of us have life partners, friends, family, pals, work partners, and the like that are involved with us because they need to “fix” us, or because we are trying to “help” them. Then there are yet others we are with download (4)because we are afraid to leave, or we feel a sense of responsibility, loyalty or duty, all while they cause us stress and grief. If our relationships are only cemented by need, mutual or one sided, by fear, or responsibility, then they are destructive and run counter to our life purpose of growing in spirit. If you really think you need someone you have given away creative control of your life and everything you experience it predicated on the decisions of another. Then you are no longer an actor, but a reactor. A life of dependency is void of dreams, goals and happy endings.


I would be willing to bet that at least 50% of relationships are toxic, yet solid and long term. That means only half of us are playing the puzzle piece we were given, so the picture of life is largely incomplete. Life needs us, needs you, to play your piece, put it where it belongs and complete the picture. You are a unique individual, and a vital component of the story you are writing. Without you, the event is incomplete.

 I urge everyone to take stock of their relationships. Are all of your encounters and interactions empowering, positive and joyful? If not; why are you still there?  None of us needs the other to get us where we are going, (which happens to be right 003where we are now), yet we all need everyone to be who they are for their own reasons, not for the sake of others. We cannot acquiesce to the desires of someone else, or yield to their judgment. We are all unique, we are all enough, we are all important and we are all “ALL THAT IS”



The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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