Not all of these individuals are actually incarcerated. Some of them are free. Perhaps not physically, but some are emotionally and spiritually free . The real shocking statistic is that about 40% of us are living our lives incarcerated in a self-imposed prison of anguish, despair, desperation and discontent. While those that are behind physical barriers due to their BOX 1inability follow the rules of society, they very well may be free in their minds, while the rest of us are in bondage to our own  destructive demons of doom.

Contrary to popular belief no one can take away your freedom. Sure they may limit or restrict your movements, but freedom is a mindset. The three hundred and twenty one unnamedmillion of us that are not physically restrained are in bondage to our negativity and cut off from peace, joy and well being with the key to our bars right in our hand.

Freedom is self acceptance,  inner peace, joy and the refusal to judge, blame, resent and hate. The average “free” person is shackled by one or more of those conditions and they are all self-inflicted and able to be eliminated in flash. When one knows real freedom the joy is evident in everything about them. Their health, finances, personality, demeanor and outlook is infectious and inspires others to want to be around them. Those that are are their own jailers, tend to repel others with every aspect of who they are, (lest the other is aligned, then the term ” misery loves company” is the prevailing paradigm).

  • Greed, want, unfulfilled desire.
  •  Jealousy, resentment,
  • Pride, narcissism, bravado
  • Inauthentic, disingenuous phonies, Living to please, needing to fit in. Following the masses
  • Insecurity, self-consciousness
  •  Bigotry, hatred, racism
  • The need to always be right, superiority, self-righteousness
  • Complaining, negativity, gossip, comparing
  •  Inability to forgive, holding grudges, blame
  • Powerlessness, desperation, fear.
  • perfectionism, intolerance, stress.

These are the chains that have us bound to a life sentence of grief and pain. The sad thing is that there is nowhere to point the finger. These conditions are not levied upon us by a court , or a tribunal of our peers. There is no physical structure behind these CHAINS 1barriers yet they are stronger than any cell or dungeon man has ever fashioned. There is no prison break, tunnel, or rope that we can avail ourselves of that will deliver us to freedom. There is nothing that we will find outside of ourselves that will help.  Alexa, Siri, google and all the searches will not find the door.   No device will ever find the way out because it is not something we must find, it is something we must realize. Freedom is a choice.

The choice  is to realEYEs life, to see the world through the real eyes of unconditional love and unity.

pAINA life of freedom may be elusive to most, seem impossible to others and sound very complicated, but truth be told: YES TRUTH, be told, it is the simplest process there is.  True freedom comes from:



  1. authenticity
  2. acceptance & forgiveness
  3. contentment
  4. Self-love
  5. Non judgement
  6.  Service
  7. Unconditional love.
  8. positiveness

When ones thoughts are focused on the above 8 attributes, and trained to see the good and make the most of what they are exposed to, no other condition than freedom can exist. Joy will shroud the individual and cascade outward to affect all who they eMERGEencounter. The process will unfold in exponential components effortlessly with little to no resistance. The really special thing about it is that all that is required to go from point A to B is a decision. The metamorphosis will be instantaneous.  It is an immutable law of the Universe. I’m sure you heard it before: What you sow, so shall you reap. Your thoughts are planting the seeds for what grows into your experience.

Be mindful. Be positive, be loving


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The Journey IS the DESTINATION!

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