The life we all desire and the one we experience often seem light years apart. There are a select few who can actually say they are living their dream. Most of us are living day to day in a reactionary-defense mode. We swat away at the myriad of undesirable conditions that confront us with tenacity and call it surviving. We do the best we can to accomplish our daily tasks, pay our bills to keep the boogeymen man away and mostly keep our head above water while struggling to squirrel a bit away for retirement. We do this while visions of an entirely different existence dance around our heads as a far off fantasy that only happens to others.

Then there are those that have “plans, dreams, goals” that drive them. Hell bent to “get there” they sacrifice peace, tranquility, security and many times the finest moments of life with family and friends, to chase the ever so elusive dream. These movers and shakers are going somewhere! Ninety five percent of them never get there. Perhaps half of them end up saddled in debt and riddled with disappointment from having the rug 382941_213983558683610_1787497124_npulled out from under them, while their feeling of self worth spirals downward into a pit of despair. Sure five percent “make it”. More than half of them gave up their formative years, family, friends, and memories along the way, but will bask in the glow of their achievement for a few short years.

In recent years there has been a whole new segment added to this mix, In 2006 a ground breaking book by Rhonda Byrne called; “The Secret” made a term coined many years ago by a few obscure, enlightened folk that were tuned into a higher level of insight than most , practically into a household term among anyone seeking motivation and self-improvement. This term is The Law of Attraction. What it is, is an in-depth analysis of what all religions and spiritual teachings call Faith! Simply put; what you believe, you receive, or as a man thinks, so shall he be, or. like conditions are drawn unto each other. This philosophy espouses that positive thoughts and belief, bring about,(or attract) imagesCA8MA9MEpositive conditions, and so is true for negative perspectives. The term was first coined in 1877 by a Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky, then made into a principle and used as a theory for success by Prentice Mulford in his essay, “Law of Success” in 1887. Shortly after that a whole host of New Thought guru’s, self-help authors and inspirational figures repeated the term in such well known best sellers as “ As a man thinketh, James Allen, Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, and the list goes on. In the motivational- new thought arena, The Law of Attraction is the guiding principle behind living the life of your wildest dreams. The new cross section of movers & shakers are using The Law of Attraction, to elevate themselves into gods. I wholeheartedly believe in, and agree with, this philosophy. The premise is that anything you desire, you can have, as long as you truly BELIEVE IT, AND ALIGN YOUR THOUGHTS WITH IT AS REALITY.

As we sit, you can do a goggle search on this term and find over a million websites. One can attend seminars, download programs, buy recordings or even go on cruises and 3-10 day “Intensive Workshops” to learn to master the Law of Attraction to change your life. A person can spend from $79 to download a meditation CD to $20,000 for a face to face workshop with any one 10,000 “Experts” that will promise to help you harness this life changing power.

I have been a student of this “law” for many years. I am not rich, nor am I famous, fit, thin, popular or even completely satisfied with my life. I will however (with my dying breath) declare that The Law of Attraction works 100%, on 100% of us, 100% of the time. This law works without any effort. You see, as I have written before, the life we experience is directly related to our thoughts, feelings, but mostly our EXPECTATIONS.  Millions of folk are shelling out billions of $$ to learn to “use” a law that is immutable. We are all using it every day. What we think; we get! There is no way around it. This is Karma.

The problem we, (and I mean the millions of acolytes to The Law of Attraction) are experiencing, is that the term “believe” is deeper than we realize. Millions are reciting affirmations, listening to meditations, and even sleeping to subliminal audio that feeds the mind with positive reinforcement and visions of the goal, and/or desire. I can recite “I am rich, I am rich, I am rich” or any other term that aligns with my goal, until the cows come home, but until I believe it at my core, unequivocally as though it is already a reality, nothing will change. What I mean is this: let’s say you have been planning, img_3634working towards, taking all the actions for a goal, and you are asked: “Are you going to get this,,,,?” You will stand up and assertively announce: “FOR SURE”! But then if asked: “If you don’t get this, can I take your house, your family, and imprison you?” If you then say, “well,,, no!” Why not? I thought you believed you were going to accomplish this? That doubt is the dream killer! The word “believe” is a much deeper word than we know. The actual term should be modified to; “What you EXPECT is what you get.”

For me, I have dreams, I have goals and desires. I have a whole host of things I would love to be my reality that I have been working towards for years. I have spent thousands attempting to move in a direction. Don’t get me wrong, there are snippets of my desires that are real, just not the entire package as I have envisioned it. So why you ask am I a believer of this philosophy? I believe The Law of Attraction is working for me in accordance to my level of belief. At my core there is a feeling I have never been able to shake that equates the achievement of a lofty goal is tantamount to winning the lottery. img_3637-1While can say I believe, and I certainly feel I deserve, somewhere deep inside there is this anchor that has me feeling that to accomplish this is monumental and therefore to much to EXPECT. So here I sit. Alongside me are a few million others that do not understand that it is not easy to believe in a reality that we cannot feel in a visceral sense NOW. That is what creates the expectation. Everyone you see that has accomplished much has done so because their actions, motives, and progression toward their achievement had them expecting nothing less than what they got.

Yes, there are also gazillion books, programs, meditations and workshops to address this that are known as “Clearing” techniques. We need to clear out the negative programs from the past that hold us back.  The bottom line is: We are who we are, have what we have, get what we get; BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE EXPECT!  Change your     expecphone pics 033tation and you will change you manifestation. Fear begets awful experiences, so does doubt and negativity. Anything that elevates our thinking is a worthwhile activity. I ride my motorcycle to feel positive and free. It does not bring me to my best life, but it IS a part of my desired experience. That is one expectation I can handle.

So my positive message is as always. Think positive thoughts. Take positive actions. Avoid negativity and those that hold you down. Believe in your dreams and learn to come expect only the best.  Make sure your goals & desires are designed to service the common good. Realize that using your talent to have a positive impact on life will come back at you as rewards you cannot now imagine.With this as your philosophy, know that where you end up is where you expected to be.

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Mark 9:2.  Everything is possible for one who has faith.

Mark 11: 24. What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you have already received them, and you shall have them.



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