This season, (the time after the snow melts and we can comfortably venture outside in New England) has been wrought with events, challenges, responsibilities, and weekend chores for me. More so than previous years, and most of my distractions are the weekend chores. I have not gotten the bike out much (once) to my disappointment. That makes it difficult to write anything about life that would relate to my exploits on the road, but I will give it a shot.

We all know that there are considerate people and not-so considerate people in the world. Those of us with insight understand that the former creates and spreads joy, while the latter are the antithesis of peace and contentment. I believe anyone whose actions are detrimental to the peace of this life must not be doing so intentionally but lack the understanding of how we impact each other’s lives and experiences. These people are not BAD, just uninformed. I will attempt to explain:

All of us that are enthusiastic about being out on the road in whatever type of vehicle we are passionate about, understand the interstate highway system, state and county roads, and back road systems of our country. While I84 does not intersect with I95, you can get to it through a network of connected highways and roads. It may appear that they are separate roads, but in-fact; they are connected. From whatever road you happen to be on right now, you can get to any other road in this country somehow (except in Maine, “you can’t get there from here”). Without having to pack up your ride and ship it. The roads are all connected.

The same is true for all of physical, mental, and spiritual life: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! There are just those that do not understand that. All of physical existence is nothing more or less than energy in motion. What gives the appearance of separation is that energy of different objects is vibrating at different speeds, but it is all the same energy. For instance, when you walk into a house where someone is cooking with garlic; they may be in the kitchen, and you the foyer, yet you olfactory senses detect the garlic. That is because the air is all connected, and the proximity is such that there are not enough conflicting elements to disguise the presence of the garlic. Garlic is a solid object, about 100 feet away, and you are aware of the gaseous existence of it in your experience. That is the connection.

Everything in life is connected. To varying degrees, what I do in Naugatuck today can have a ripple effect on a cheetah in the Serengeti. If you toss a bottle out of the window of your car, a visiting dignitary from Belgium could trip on it and fall, ending up in the Hospital. This would cause (him, her) to miss an important meeting that could have secured funding to save an endangered breed of spiders that could have eaten all of the mosquito’s carrying a deadly virus, thus causing thousands of deaths in Europe that summer. A bottle toss could do that!

 I pass gas in the hall; you smell it in the living room. I drive erratically, traffic backs up for miles, you miss an interview and don’t get the job. Your child does not get e medical treatment she needs and suffers.

There is always a way to get there from here. All rods are connected. What we do: MATTERS!

 It is not just about being polite or considerate that I write this. Being nice is not a touchy-feely thing. It is imperative that we all understand that ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED! The quality of life on this rock requires we all understand how we affect one another.


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