All you have to do is log in to Facebook, or check your email and you will find there is no shortage of opportunities being presented to you that are guaranteed to make you a billionaire in 3 easy steps you can master in less than 2 months. They usually involve a 15-20-minute video wrought with examples of how difficult life is, and how easily we can transform ours, followed by 30-40 personal stories of those that have succeeded at this endeavor. They are always on their boat. These videos and programs sometimes make me feel stupid about not being insanely wealthy, and a fear-filled cowardly moron for not trying. They sometimes cost $ 497, cut down to $197, then reduced to $47 if you act right away, or $7-8K all determined by whether we get a few videos or have someone “coach” us for few months. That’s another thing, there seems to be more “Life Coaches” around than there are people to fix our washing machines. Years ago, those folks were known as “know it all’s”. I can’t imagine needing someone to coach me on how to live my life. There must be a market though, or there would not be so many of them. (If you build it, they will come).

My passion is helping people take control of their and realize they are in the driver’s seat and can create whatever they have the capacity to believe. Being that I am not filthy rich, I would never portend to claim I can help make you rich. As for these programs; I do believe they are all genuine, and if followed to the tee, with commitment, confidence and unwavering determination, the claims could be genuine. Probably 1 out of 10,000 make any real $$, with 1 in 100,000 get rich, but that is not the fault of the program, it all lies with the capacity of the individual to truly believe and commit. Most of these programs claim that we are wired to remain in the economic state we were raised in due to “Paradigms, limiting beliefs and fear. I agree! I also agree that transcending these preprogramed limits is never easy and battling our fear even more debilitating to undertake.

Insomuch as my article, FB page & blog are all quasi motivational/inspirational, personal development themed, I should probably be more encouraging. My personal philosophy over the years has shown me that money for moneys sake is a merry go round that never ends. To begin with, any real strong desire for $$ is originated from the fear of not having enough. I know firsthand that we cannot create positive results from a place of fear. We MAY attract an abundance of $$, but it never ends up being enough. We end up chasing it for our entire lives, and never actually arriving anywhere that pleases us.

I believe more in serving! Making a difference, having an impact, elevating others and improving situations is what I aspire to do, and to share that philosophy of personal development is my goal. I also believe, the greater the service we provide to the common good, the more substantial the reward we will enjoy. I just don’t advocate putting the reward as the goal.

For me; being the source of someone’s joy, peace, success, enlightenment and empowerment is the goal. For a guy with aspirations of perhaps doing some motivational speaking, I should probably get in line with the abundance gurus, but it just feels disingenuous to me to advocate for something I am not aligned with. Don’t get me wrong, a few “Mil” (0) debt, and never ending free time would certainly be terrific, but I am NOT WILL to sacrifice time with my family, relaxation, my peace, and whatever $$ I presently have to get there. Way too many people have spent fortunes and decades in the pursuit of wealth, only to find when they finally get it, they have compromised most of their life to do so, and will not get the time, relationships and missed moments back. I wrote all about this in my book: 1st Things 1st: My Journey with the Law of Attraction, available on Amazon, with links on my FB page & Blog. Goal setting is important, and so are desires and dreams. I would only suggest that when are goals are directed toward using our talents to serve the Universe, the $$ will take care of itself. When we aim to $$ alone, at any cost, the result is the $$ we end up with does not hold the value we sought. Truth be told, we are all looking for the same thing: Happiness & Joy!

 True joy is only found in positive connections with others. Then once we are engulfed in Joy, and shrouded in Grace, the abundance, prosperity, wealth and riches that SERVE OUR HIGHEST GOOD, will come effortlessly.

Today I am grateful for this meager audience, and it is my greatest desire that SOMETHING I wrote made a difference for you!

Thanks a million.


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