Christmas! What’s it all about?

Is Christmas about getting a new sound system for your bike from Santa? Maybe it is about the giving part like they say?

So then, it’s about getting your spouse to get you a new sound system for your bike because they will appreciate the joy of giving. Yeah, that’s it! Oh wait. The religious folk will say it is about the birth of The Savior. There you go. But what where we saved from? I know, we were saved from not knowing about the joy of giving a new sound system for a bike. Perhaps Christmas is about all of the above. I think that Christmas is purely a celebration of life. How’s that?

For thousands of years man kind has pondered the meaning of life. With the advent of the transcendental movement of the sixties, it became popular to “Find yourself”. That would be a journey of self-discovery to determine the meaning of life. How is it we that live are ignorant of the meaning of life? I guess it is a seriously deep philosophical quandary to attempt to unravel so many don’t bother. It’s better to be ignorant and miserable than to seek enlightenment and end up frustrated? Don’t ya think?

I may be a simple man, but somewhere along the line it just became clear to me. Life is all about the process of creation with the intent to produce, share and embrace joy! What else could it be?

There is an omnipotent awareness that is at the core of all that is, made of pure energy. (We call it God). In the absence of “anything”, God has no experience. Hence no joy. In order for God to know the most magnificent heights of potential joy, God needed to set in motion “Creation”. This creation would 1st be exposed to joyless experience, and endeavor to alter conditions until joy was felt.  There of course needed to be an ever increasing (exponential) set of diverse conditions to ensure the unlimited combination of possibilities, so God replicated itself in a schizophrenic continuum, all ignorant of their true nature and unaware of the connection of all being ONE. This would ensure all possible scenarios would manifest allowing for joyless conditions to exist as the catalyst for creation of joy. Our thoughts and feelings generate a vibrational frequency into the energy field that produces matter and experience. The greatest joy is achieved when the creative act unites the creators in a collaborative endeavor of mutual benefit. These events are known as service, giving, contributing to the common good etc. The bad, selfish scrap borne of fear and evil, cause us to come together and create conditions of unity that result in joy. Each relies upon the other to exist. It is all part of the magnificent plan. The exponential unfolding of the Universe (One-Song).

Prior to the 1st Christmas, man knew of a creator, and feared it. The common belief was that this unseen force created the world to have dominion over it as it served its needs. (not too far off). The birth of Christ, (The Savior) set in motion a love for the creator, mankind itself, and life. The message became one of unity, forgiveness, patience, love and yes, JOY as the core motivating factor of life.


So, Christmas was the birth a a new age of realizing life as a JOYFUL collaboration of united souls as opposed to a competitive undertaking of self-preservation and seeking the favor of a tyrannical deity.

Hence the song” Joy to the world”

 So go get that sound system or new robot vacuum. Life is about JOY and Christmas was the birth of that perspective on life. Soak it in, perhaps it will stick.

Merry Christmas


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