The Slanted Planter

It Looks like we are in for an early riding season here in New England. Yippee!  I’ll bet there are many that have been riding for weeks now. I need it just a bit warmer though. I will be watching the weather, checking my schedule and prepping my Bike. In a real short while I will be hitting the curves in NW CT then up to the Adirondacks. I can’t wait. I bet you can’t either.

Did you see what just happened: I thought about riding, then wrote about it, then I will plan, and it will happen. There is no way for me to instantly go from working at my desk to the roads. There had to be a thought first. Whenever there is car or bike show, someone had to think about having it. Thinking alone does not bring it about. They had to think a lot, then act. The more thought there is about something, the likelier it is to happen. Brief passing thoughts do not actually cause experience. Sustained thought with conviction is usually required. The thought is the seed that is planted. Sustained thought, planning, involving others, discussing and acting is the nurturing that unfolds from the thought. Make no mistake though, the thought was the birth of what ultimately becomes reality.

This process is the immutable design of life. All experience, situation, occurrence, tangible item, service or interaction was predicated by thought. Without the thought being impregnated from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, there is NO THING.What we think about expands. Our thoughts are the seeds we plant for our future to grow. When we think too much about what we DO NOT WANT, we are planting seeds with a negative slant on them. Avoid the temptation to nurture such thoughts.

Thought is the seed of life

Thinking is the farmer.

This is exactly why I continue to share a narrative of POSITIVE THINKING. The life we see unfold before our eyes is direct result of the thoughts we entertain. Positive thoughts will create positive experiences and so too will the opposite. The good news is that we have control over what we think. Our conscious mind, (the thoughts we hear in our head in cognitive verbiage) is exposed to the external world and acts as a filter for our subconscious mind; (place where our vibration adjusts and impacts our world, controls our heart, lungs, digestion and all functions, and creates our experiences). What we focus on, nurture, and keep alive, enters the factory of creation. What we only briefly give thought, passes by. Think of it like this:

If we pass our hand over an open flame quickly; we feel nothing. If we move slowly, we feel the heat. When we hesitate and keep our hand there, we get burned. If our hand just sits there, it will be destroyed. This means a brief negative thought that enters our conscious mind will do no harm. The longer we allow it to ruminate, the greater the devastation it will do to our lives

In 2006 the Pastor of a small Midwest church challenged his congregation to think only positive thoughts for 21 days. He instructed them to refrain from complaint and criticism, and all negative speech and thought. They were all given purple bracelets and instructed to move the bracelet whenever they catch themselves nurturing negativity. The goal, (and promise) was 21 days of positivity would transform their lives. He was on every talk show and made the speaking circuit for years. His program is still alive and growing. “A Complaint Free World”

Everywhere we look we will see negativity. Yes, they say the Corona Virus will kill us all. Ok the Market has temporarily tanked, yada, yada. None of it needs to impact us if we do not allow its seed to hit the fertile ground of our subconscious growing field. With 7.7 billion minds on this planet, we are bound to run into negativity. We need to treat it like the flame. Just pass right over it.

Millions of us are very happy with the lives we live. Millions are disappointed, and millions are in despair. Most do not understand that they themselves are planting the seed to what is going to sprout tomorrow. Sure, the crap is out there. We do not want to pick it up and plant it. Sometimes we think talking about the garbage, sharing it, complaining about and warning others will make it go away. That is slanted planting. That thinking is like finding the seed of what you want to grow, pushing it aside and planting weeds in its place.You can drill backwards on your life, or the life of those you know intimately and see that those that have positive experiences, as well as the ones that struggle, have always spoken in the related manner and entertained the correlative thought. Positive thoughts (seeds) will produce positive experiences. Negative seeds are killers. Unfortunately, people will get sick, people will die, fortunes will be lost, and tragedies will happen. The positive farmer will make lemonade from those lemons while the slanted planter will allow such situations to destroy them.

We have more control than we realize. Everything we know was a thought before it had an affect on us and the world. I urge you to try to embrace Will Bowens idea of 21 days with no negativity. If that seems too long, Emmet Fox has a little book called the 7 Day Mental Diet that challenges the same for 1 week.

Many of us need things to change. We diet, exercise, seek to change jobs, relationships and work on our finances, to no avail. These things will not change externally until we change the quality of thoughts that predicate them. Imagine planting seeds for poison ivy, then once it starts to sprout, pluck the leaves and try to glue on roses. Seems quite foolish to entertain doesn’t it? That is what we do when we alter our actions while still planting slanted seeds.


Don’t be a Slanted Planter

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

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