About John: writer, philosopher, poet!

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My name is John Rodgers

email Jtrodgers512@gmail.com


I am in my 50’s, married with 2 grown daughters. I live in Naugatuck Ct, ( a river valley town, formerly mills and factories, presently undergoing the genesis of renaissance). I was born and raised in Queens NY, and moved to Ct in the late 80’s. I am employed as a manager for a national commercial bakery located in PA, and mostly spend my days on the road in New England, and Upstate NY. It was this occupation that brought me to Ct.

I wasted most of my formative years, ( 12-25) on the fast-lane, party-scene, self indulgent/ self destructive behavior. I emerged from my stupor around age 26, to find I had no direction, no purpose, no plan, no education and no skills. It was then that I began a journey of self discovery that led me to an individual I had gotten a glimpse of in my early years, but set out to suppress. I was hell-bent on finding “Truth” and the meaning of life, (particularly mine).

My quest has taken me to the understanding that all life is connected, in fact all life is one life, eternal, and omnipotent, expressing itself in an unlimited variety of ways, with contrast as the backdrop to accent the differences. This understanding has inspired me to write about the human condition, our misconceptions the roles we play, relationships, responsibilities, and the potential for peace and harmony.

I became active in a local Christian church, and threw myself into service. I found that by contributing to the common good of humanity, I would be fulfilled.  I work mostly with youth, teaching Christian values and responsibility. I spend much of my free time volunteering for various altruistic endeavors afforded me through this church. It is apparent to me that I receive joy through giving, and helping.

My first foray into the literary world was a poem I wrote upon returning from a mission trip to The Dominican Republic. I never realized I had the ability, or the desire to write. That was in 2001. I have since written well over 100  poems on a variety of topics, mans realization of Divinity within being my most poignant. about two years after my induction into the world of words, I started writing prayers, and components for my churches Sunday service, along with notices for our church bulletins. This became one of my favorite pastimes, so I expanded on it, and began to write small amusing articles, related to human behavior. After a local neighborhood paper published a few of them, I was hooked. I then started my ” Positively Speaking ” column, and tried to sell it to area publications. I have written Positively Speaking articles for 2 different Publications that cater to the Motorcycle Community. us ridingI am an avid rider, and draw much of my inspiration from my time on the road.

PerspectiveThis “blog” contains my Positively Speaking” articles.  Although they are of the Spiritual-Inspirational nature, I try to keep away from being too religious. I am working on obtaining a web site for all of my work, with links to resources for similar material. I am a “work-in-progress”

I have a connected blog PositivelyPoetry also, that contains all of my poetry, both Spiritual and highway themed.

As of 8/28/2015, I am a published Author with my Balboa press book 1st Things 1st. MY BOOK

Thanks for visiting, I hope you glean some insight and inspiration here.

Thanks again!


2 Responses to About John: writer, philosopher, poet!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your time to respond to my message on facebook. I hope I didn’t offend you or worse. I only say that because I was unable to thank you on Facebook. Anyways, thank you very much for your reply, it’s much appreciated.


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