All Good- Even the bad?

We are wired to judge situation, conditions and experiences as good, or bad. Everyone is smart enough to know these designations are subjective based upon individual desires. As we view the world through the lens of our perspective, we are outraged at all the ” bad” we encounter.

Looking at the subjective value of ” bad”, we can define it as anything that is contrary to our desire. If I desire to cross a river without a safe opportunity, that is bad. I will build a bridge. If I wish to feel strong but I feel weak, I will create an exercise program. When others commit acts of violence against one another and I find it disturbing, I will design a criminal justice system, police and penal institutions.

Accidents that create injury are bad as they compromise my feeling of safety, so helmets, knee pads, airbags and the like are now part of our daily lives. Hungry poor people/ charities, Sick, medicine and doctors, desire to get places far away/planes, trains, cars, highways, boats. As it turns out; all that we consider “bad”, each obstacle we encounter, every challenge we

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face, has been the impetus for our creative energies ( both individually and collectively) to discover our passion and make a contribution to society. These are the experiences that bring us joy.

In fact, challenges exist as the catalyst for creation. Without these apparent “bad conditions” there would be no avenue for joy, and creation would be non-existent. Each of us has a gift, a talent, a passion. These abilities are our creative vehicle, and the act of creation is the journey toward JOY. You see when we were tempted by the Devil to eat the apple, banishing us from Eden, it was actually God, appearing as the Devil, to stimulate creation for the sheer purpose of experience. This is the design. We cannot experience joy without pain, warm without cold, faith without fear or love without hate. So by design, it is all a necessary part of the dance and therefore GOOD.

Our inner guidance system ( feelings & emotions- ” Energy in motion”) inform us when the vibration we are sending out (the thoughts we focus on, ideas we feed the most) is not aligned with the actions we take and the encounters we are creating. This makes us uneasy, and initiates action. These actions are our opportunity to use our gift in a positive way to contribute to All THAT IS. Until the gifts (our passion) is being utilized we will always feel this disconnect, leaving us unfulfilled. Like a puzzle piece, we all fit in a specific spot. If we try to force our puzzle piece into a spot that is not a good fit, we corrupt the entire puzzle. The journey of life is the attempt to find that spot.

Many of us never know what our passion is. Some do, but use it as a leisure time release and call it a hobby. very, very few can make their passion the focus of their life. Until we can do that, we will always feel that something is missing. I discovered my passion ( sharing these messages) around age 40-42 after a mission trip with my church. I was asked to write about mu experience and speak about it to the Congregation. That was around 18 years ago. I immediately felt shrouded in Grace as I put word down and felt exponentially elated when speaking to large groups.

In 2010 I stated this blog an my Positively Speaking Face Book page. Shortly after which I began writing an article for a local NE Car/Bike publication called Connecticut Cruise news, then in 2014 I finished my book ” 1st Things 1st. To this day I am still frustrated as I have sold very few copies of my book, have not been able to leverage any of this into speaking engagements and spend $$ to boost posts. My frustration comes from being only tangentially connected to this world of sharing motivation and inspiration when I feel blessed by the activity of doing so. My wish is to spend all of my energy enlightening those that wish to hear.

I understand that action is necessary. I have found that it takes Thousands of $$ to market a book, (after spending thousands to self publish it), Also, every time I search the internet in an attempt to break into the world of speaking publicly, everything I stumble on is another Guru, or company that wants to charge me thousands of $$ to enroll.

Who are these people, groups, Gurus? How have they gotten to where they are? What have they done that I did not? None of them existed 20 years ago when I started. None of them were around in 1984 when I started reading Think & Grow Rich, As a man Thinketh, Conversations with God, and Your Erroneous Zones, yet they all have surpassed me at what I hold to be my greatest passion.

I have been writing about creating your own experience, opportunity and following your bliss for over 10 years and still seem to have trouble getting out of my garage. I do have this blog, the Paper, my FB page and my position as a Sales Leader at work where I can make an impact on peoples lives with my message of Positive Thinking, and intentional creation, but somehow, I am still stalled. Knowing this, I can understand the frustration of millions who are also not living their dream.

SO, this frustration of mine, this “bad” condition is what propels me forward in my never ending journey to enlighten. One day, a door will open and I will enjoy the bliss of my passion, for now, I will see the obstacle as opportunity and continue the trip. I believe i have at least 5 more books in me and enough to say to keep busy for 20 more years.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

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Authenticity Rocks!

We all understand that no two anything are similar. DNA, fingerprints, hair follicles, grains of sand, types of fungi, bacteria and plant life, nothing, everything! All are different.

It is time we come to the understanding that this is by design, not happenstance. The beauty of life, of nature of ALL THAT IS, is inherent in it’s diversity. The combination of contrasting, often conflicting patterns, dissonant, yet symphonic, antagonistic, while harmonic all converge to create the majesty of life. While this universal dance of perfection unfolds effortlessly, we battle against it by trying to create homogeneity and congruence, against all odds.

As we battle the forces of nature to get our way, we feel the stress akin to rowing upstream in a might river. We wander around sick and miserable lamenting the pain of our differences while all the while, peace and love could be found by letting go. There is nothing upstream that we need. The past is gone, we need to live in the present and move toward what is to be. To look back and attempt to replicate is blasphemy and abomination.

To experience the joy of being, it is imperative that we embrace our being and celebrate or diversity.

Be who your are, you are magnificent in your authenticity and vile in your imitation.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

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Merry Christmas

For thousands of years after Moses, mankind obeyed and feared a vengeful yet benevolent God. The commandments were followed out of fear of the Mighty wrath of the all powerful ruling deity.

The life of Jesus was the proclamation that the Creator of ALL THAT IS was more of a Father figure than a dictator. The message of us all being connected, forgiven, and co- creators was meant to unify and sanitize humanity. All at once fear could have been eradicated as faith, peace and love became the new paradigm.

2018 years later we are still a holy mess. At best, many give pause during the season that we celebrate the birth of this grand message. While shrouding ourselves in fear, mistrust, competition and isolation the rest of the year.

The greatest gift we could ever give each other on this day is to permanently adopt the perspectives that the Life of Jesus demonstrated. That is what Santa Clause is all about. He shows us the joy of giving to one another. We can all give love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. Those are the gifts that do not need a receipt because they are one size fits all, the right flavor, and always in fashion. They are also the gifts that don’t created credit card debt.

As we open boxes today, let’s also open hearts and minds. Share the story, spread the Glory.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION.

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Holiday Hypocrisy


Matt 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both

Creating peace from within, and attracting desirable situations and conditions in your life requires authenticity and integrity. We will not prevail in our endeavors while being “Two-Faced”! At Christmas time everyone puts on the face of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, just to go back to their old ways right after NEW YEARS.

If we desire success, we cannot secretly envy those that enjoy greater success than us, nor can we attempt to better ourselves at the expense of others.

If we desire love we cannot show love to our friends, family, co workers, and those underprivileged folks that become the recipient of our Holiday Benevolence, while showing anger and intolerance at rude shoppers, traffic jams, and store clerks.

We should show love, forgiveness, and acceptance to all, at all times if we are authentic.

The facade we don for the Holiday Season does not fool anyone. By showing the world one face, and being of another, we accomplish only the pain that comes from disingenuous living. The face we see in the mirror is the only one we need convince of WHO WE REALLY ARE!

Our lives are a projection of our genuine self. Any attempt at playing Projection-3another role will only prolong our agony. We at tract and reflect conditions that match our TRUE SELF. If we do not like what we see coming at us; we must change what we send out FROM us.


2 Kings 17:41 Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did.


The Journey IS the Destination.


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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis Smedes

Holidays and family are not always the recipe for peace, joy, and cheer. Being related, even blood and DNA, does not ensure nurturing, living relationship. Many of us feel that being “family” comes with requirement and entitlement. There are some people that take liberties and treat others poorly without consequence feeling the relationship gives them a pass. Holiday get together s force us to have to interact.

Nothing ruins a great day more than having no choice but to put up with bad behavior and lack of respect.

At times it is easier to skip the gathering or not invite a person if the gathering is yours. Don’t let others make you compromise your peace and enjoyment

because they think it makes you the bigger person.

It is okay to keep those that are negative influences out of our lives.

The fallout from your choice will be less harmful than being held captive in a crowd.

Love yourself 1st and you will be able to share your joy with others.

Compromise your self-respect and not only will the Holiday be ruined for you, but surely your light will not shine on others as magnificently as it should.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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Embrace the Darkness

The Winter Solstice Story is one of deep introspection.  We all understand that the deeper the darkness that enshrouds us becomes, the more brilliant the prevailing glow of night can be. As we fix our eyes upon the heavens this night, we can behold a majesty that no artist or poet will do justice to. It is within this Celestial display that we will find our truth. Closing out the harsh light of day that brings with it the hustle and bustle of the illusory world of material and deception, we can find that quiet spot at the core of our being where we are all joined  in TRUTH as ONE.

Legend tells that on this night the moon gave birth to the sun. In like manner (for those of Christian faith) mortal woman gave birth to Divinity. Both of these conditions validate the truth that greatness is only born of humility. For once the Carpenter from Bethlehem explained how the meek would inherit the earth grandiosity and hubris became the indicators of selfishness and pride, while generosity and altruism became the mantle of greatness.

This “Longest Night” and conversely shortest day, brings opportunity for reflection. Much of the world we have created has been borne of the illusion that we are separate from one another. They are idols and monuments to ego and grandiosity. As December 21st has the shortest period of daylight, the vision of these falsehoods minimizes as we have the chance to allow our eyes to focus on the darkness of night until we find our inner light. Within the glow of spirit is where we find the connection that allows for peace and fosters unconditional love.

Embrace the dark this Solstice night and behold the majesty of who you really are.


The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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Our Path

We are all on a journey. We believe we are searching for love, peace, beauty and Grace. We wander in the dark, looking for a glimpse of light to guide us.

The secret is that the light is inside. We’ve blocked it from shining on our path with a shroud of illusion that has us thinking we are separate from the love we seek.

Gratitude, service, acceptance and forgiveness will melt away the dark cloak we’ve shrouded our light with, letting the inner glow shine bright.

It’s all inside. There is nothing out there that will bring us to peace and live as WE ARE THAT WHICH WE SEEK.

Positively Speaking

The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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