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The law of attraction is a New Age, New Thought, term for the spiritual condition that creates our experience. In the James Allen Classic :” As A Man Thinketh” The Law of Attraction ( LOA) is defined as like conditions, attract like conditions, or all things unto themselves are drawn.

Many variations of this term have been coined in the last 2 hundred years by a plethora of authors to describe the mindset that creates our reality. In recent times it has been more closely ascribed to the thought process needed to create the conditions of your dreams, goals, and strongest desires. We are told,; As a man thinks, so shall he be; Believe it and you will receive it; whatsoever you believe in your heart, shall show up in your life; etc, etc ad infinitum! So the new belief among those open minded enough to stray from the religious…

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Water Level Remains Constant


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water_10One of the very first pieces I ever wrote for publication was for the CT Citizen News. I gave it the same title as this article. In the piece, I addressed the futility of attempting to be other than what we actually are. We’ve all heard the axiom:” A leopard can’t change its spots”. The article was a humorous recollection of how we had to clean our garage every year by taking everything out into the street, tossing away half of it, cleaning & sweeping, then replacing everything of value and purpose in a strategic manner that we could easily access them. Within a few short weeks, the garage once again looked like a bomb hit it. The point being; if you’re a mess at heart, that messiness will find it’s way to the surface, the same as water always managing to stay at it’s own level.

Self help, personal…

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Night Begat The Day

Positively Poetry

Upon this longest winter Night, The light of day eludes our sight

 As fear and dread enshrouds our mind, surprise of the Celestial kind

Solstice (1)

 Draws our thoughts a to turn with, the promise of  better days begin

 All at once the visions clear, we’ve been living lives of fear


The sights we know to be our truth,

 Have been fixed in place for years

 The tales been told to all the youth

 Eventually ends with us in tears


The ancients claim that long ago, the Moon begat the Sun

Our mind of logic says this ain’t so, such a task cannot be done


With this reveal all men refute the tales and lore of time gone by

 Generations move along with intent to  live the lie


What  was once revered and respected

Had soon become feeble rants

 Now the tales of fools rejected

Solstice (4)

 Wisdom’s lure the mind…

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180 degree turn

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Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,Boxing Day, Ōmisoka, & New Years Eve/Day all have a significant impact on the mood of people around the world for about 30-45 days. The Holiday Season is known for spreading joy and merriment. At times even the most dour of curmudgeons can be jovial and accommodating. This may be download (1)directly related to the fear of being visited by the 3 ghosts as Ebeneezer Scrooge was, but I think not.

 During this time of year, the material aspect of these holidays overtakes us. There are many that shun the reference to gifts , shopping decorations and the like, lamenting that the real meaning of the holiday is lost, but I believe it is the opposite.

 You see, there are millions of people that celebrate these holidays that are not very download (2)religious. If based solely on the dogma of the day, they would more than likely ignore it. By…

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Magic Lamp?

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There are million of people in this world that feel life comes at them with little or no control and they have no choice but accept the conditions before them as victims and lament about the grief and pain they experience.

There are also millions that believe they are in total control of their lives and are competing with the the rest of the world.

Then there are those that feel they are uber-responsible for what happens around them, and it is their responsibility to take care of others.

Well I believe that all of this is true and none of this is true. new age, new thought philosophy preaches the Unity of all of life. A few years back a book hit the market explaining the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

This “LAW” details how what we believe materializes in our life. This validates the fact that we have control and…

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All of us are connected. The understanding of that will open your world.

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The greatest illusion that enshrouds us is that all things are individual and apart from one another. This gives us the perspective of isolationism, helplessness and need.

The belief that all things and creatures are individual entities unto themselves causes us to seek out others for companionship and validation while competing for the “things” we believe we need to sustain us and finally defending ourselves and shunning those that would do us harm or make us less than we see ourselves to be.

Once we come to the realization that all things are ONE THING and not apart from but a part of everything, life changes as fear is replaced by love and contribution replaces competition.

Spiritually and physically all of life is only 1 life with unlimited parts and components. It is the same as how our bodies have limbs, blood, organs, bacteria, enzymes, and millions of living organisms…

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