Important points that should be taught

  • We create our lives through our beliefs. ( no victims)
  • All we know to be true began as thought.
  • Our choices define our lives
  • Our only limits are the ones we impose upon ourselves, ( all things are possible)
  • Garbage in- garbage out, positive lives are born of positive thinking
  • Live in the now! Before, and later exist only in the mind, the only tangible time is NOW. Life is a series of continuous moments of now.
  • All life is connected, physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • Every choice, every decision, has an impact on the whole. Everything we say do, and think, matters, and creates change.
  • Life is dichotomous, we give it away to keep it, we love others to love ourselves, and we do for ourselves by doing for others.
  • Judgment is a double edge sword by which we sabotage ourselves. Judge not, accept all life presents & learn from it. Diversity is the seed of creation!
  • Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of confinement.
  • Happiness is not found through accomplishment and attainment of desires, attainment of desires, and accomplish are born out of happiness.
  • Selfishness & altruism are actually one in the same.    ( By giving we receive, by serving we are served)
  • The path to success is through service to humanity, as is the path to peace, as is the path to happiness.
  • Life is a team effort.
  • All desires are manifest if we first come to understand our natural state of being as “Divine Intelligence, and Infinite Mind”-( Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and All These Things Will Be Added Unto You)
  • We all have gifts & talents that make us unique, each one a separate piece of the whole, like pieces of a puzzle. Humanity is only complete when all pieces come together.
  • Your gift is that which brings you the most joy, when you discover this, determine a way to offer it to society, and you will have found your recipe for success.
  • “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right!” Albert Einstein
  • Complaining robs us of our creative energy, spreads negative emotion, and defeats any chance at success. Instead of complaining, take positive action toward change.
  •  In spite of that which we know, and that which we desire, our continued focus and related feeling is the seed of what is to come.( The wish for financial abundance is borne of the fear of lack. Our continued focus on our lack, attracts more of the same : As you sow, so shall you reap.

What if the whole world understood this? IMAGINE!