2020 means clarity of sight

When you ride a motorcycle, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, but it crucial to know what is in front of you, or on the sides. What is behind you is not as critical for safety. Most motorcycle mirrors are tiny. We only really need mirrors for changing lanes on the highway.

We are in a new year. The year is 2020. 2020 is also the vision measurement that indicates complete clarity.  I wonder if that is an omen, or a sign. Well, I’m going to take it as one. This year is going to be dedicated to clarity of vision, laser focus and looking only at was is ahead.

Over the years I have been blessed to understand that any time spent with my mind focused on what is behind me will rob me of the focus I need in the present to plot my course forward. Another interesting fact about the past is that it no longer exists. All we have from the past is a memory. That is a thought. The tangible reality is the present moment. We can see clearly when we are looking at the world as it is unfolding. In order to have 2020 vison about what we are creating, attracting and offering to this life, we have to focus on the moment we are in.

All of our errors and missteps, as well as our triumphs and successes of the past were lessons and exercises to prepare us to live this moment.

When you look at life through the eyes of the connected Spirit, you can make miracles real. You will be RealEYEsing Life. To take a thought and manifest it into a significant component of this Universe, we all need to RealEYEs Life.

There is nothing we can do in the past. We can prepare for the future, but right now, we can’t act in the future. The only thing that is ever real is right now. When we stay focused on right now we will have 2020 vision.

The past is gone, learn from it and bury it. The future is what we act now to create. Open your eyes to the truth that comes from within and see clearly for 2020.

Happy New Year


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The nerve to SERVE

Take the express train to joy and peace by using your talent to make a difference. Serving the common good will raise our positive vibration bringing us closer to attracting conditions aligned with our highest good.

The grandest version of the greatest vision we could imagine of ourselves is waiting to appear.

The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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Christmas! What's it all about?

Is Christmas about getting a new sound system for your bike from Santa? Maybe it is about the giving part like they say?

So then, it’s about getting your spouse to get you a new sound system for your bike because they will appreciate the joy of giving. Yeah, that’s it! Oh wait. The religious folk will say it is about the birth of The Savior. There you go. But what where we saved from? I know, we were saved from not knowing about the joy of giving a new sound system for a bike. Perhaps Christmas is about all of the above. I think that Christmas is purely a celebration of life. How’s that?

For thousands of years man kind has pondered the meaning of life. With the advent of the transcendental movement of the sixties, it became popular to “Find yourself”. That would be a journey of self-discovery to determine the meaning of life. How is it we that live are ignorant of the meaning of life? I guess it is a seriously deep philosophical quandary to attempt to unravel so many don’t bother. It’s better to be ignorant and miserable than to seek enlightenment and end up frustrated? Don’t ya think?

I may be a simple man, but somewhere along the line it just became clear to me. Life is all about the process of creation with the intent to produce, share and embrace joy! What else could it be?

There is an omnipotent awareness that is at the core of all that is, made of pure energy. (We call it God). In the absence of “anything”, God has no experience. Hence no joy. In order for God to know the most magnificent heights of potential joy, God needed to set in motion “Creation”. This creation would 1st be exposed to joyless experience, and endeavor to alter conditions until joy was felt.  There of course needed to be an ever increasing (exponential) set of diverse conditions to ensure the unlimited combination of possibilities, so God replicated itself in a schizophrenic continuum, all ignorant of their true nature and unaware of the connection of all being ONE. This would ensure all possible scenarios would manifest allowing for joyless conditions to exist as the catalyst for creation of joy. Our thoughts and feelings generate a vibrational frequency into the energy field that produces matter and experience. The greatest joy is achieved when the creative act unites the creators in a collaborative endeavor of mutual benefit. These events are known as service, giving, contributing to the common good etc. The bad, selfish scrap borne of fear and evil, cause us to come together and create conditions of unity that result in joy. Each relies upon the other to exist. It is all part of the magnificent plan. The exponential unfolding of the Universe (One-Song).

Prior to the 1st Christmas, man knew of a creator, and feared it. The common belief was that this unseen force created the world to have dominion over it as it served its needs. (not too far off). The birth of Christ, (The Savior) set in motion a love for the creator, mankind itself, and life. The message became one of unity, forgiveness, patience, love and yes, JOY as the core motivating factor of life.


So, Christmas was the birth a a new age of realizing life as a JOYFUL collaboration of united souls as opposed to a competitive undertaking of self-preservation and seeking the favor of a tyrannical deity.

Hence the song” Joy to the world”

 So go get that sound system or new robot vacuum. Life is about JOY and Christmas was the birth of that perspective on life. Soak it in, perhaps it will stick.

Merry Christmas


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All you have to do is log in to Facebook, or check your email and you will find there is no shortage of opportunities being presented to you that are guaranteed to make you a billionaire in 3 easy steps you can master in less than 2 months. They usually involve a 15-20-minute video wrought with examples of how difficult life is, and how easily we can transform ours, followed by 30-40 personal stories of those that have succeeded at this endeavor. They are always on their boat. These videos and programs sometimes make me feel stupid about not being insanely wealthy, and a fear-filled cowardly moron for not trying. They sometimes cost $ 497, cut down to $197, then reduced to $47 if you act right away, or $7-8K all determined by whether we get a few videos or have someone “coach” us for few months. That’s another thing, there seems to be more “Life Coaches” around than there are people to fix our washing machines. Years ago, those folks were known as “know it all’s”. I can’t imagine needing someone to coach me on how to live my life. There must be a market though, or there would not be so many of them. (If you build it, they will come).

My passion is helping people take control of their and realize they are in the driver’s seat and can create whatever they have the capacity to believe. Being that I am not filthy rich, I would never portend to claim I can help make you rich. As for these programs; I do believe they are all genuine, and if followed to the tee, with commitment, confidence and unwavering determination, the claims could be genuine. Probably 1 out of 10,000 make any real $$, with 1 in 100,000 get rich, but that is not the fault of the program, it all lies with the capacity of the individual to truly believe and commit. Most of these programs claim that we are wired to remain in the economic state we were raised in due to “Paradigms, limiting beliefs and fear. I agree! I also agree that transcending these preprogramed limits is never easy and battling our fear even more debilitating to undertake.

Insomuch as my article, FB page & blog are all quasi motivational/inspirational, personal development themed, I should probably be more encouraging. My personal philosophy over the years has shown me that money for moneys sake is a merry go round that never ends. To begin with, any real strong desire for $$ is originated from the fear of not having enough. I know firsthand that we cannot create positive results from a place of fear. We MAY attract an abundance of $$, but it never ends up being enough. We end up chasing it for our entire lives, and never actually arriving anywhere that pleases us.

I believe more in serving! Making a difference, having an impact, elevating others and improving situations is what I aspire to do, and to share that philosophy of personal development is my goal. I also believe, the greater the service we provide to the common good, the more substantial the reward we will enjoy. I just don’t advocate putting the reward as the goal.

For me; being the source of someone’s joy, peace, success, enlightenment and empowerment is the goal. For a guy with aspirations of perhaps doing some motivational speaking, I should probably get in line with the abundance gurus, but it just feels disingenuous to me to advocate for something I am not aligned with. Don’t get me wrong, a few “Mil” (0) debt, and never ending free time would certainly be terrific, but I am NOT WILL to sacrifice time with my family, relaxation, my peace, and whatever $$ I presently have to get there. Way too many people have spent fortunes and decades in the pursuit of wealth, only to find when they finally get it, they have compromised most of their life to do so, and will not get the time, relationships and missed moments back. I wrote all about this in my book: 1st Things 1st: My Journey with the Law of Attraction, available on Amazon, with links on my FB page & Blog. Goal setting is important, and so are desires and dreams. I would only suggest that when are goals are directed toward using our talents to serve the Universe, the $$ will take care of itself. When we aim to $$ alone, at any cost, the result is the $$ we end up with does not hold the value we sought. Truth be told, we are all looking for the same thing: Happiness & Joy!

 True joy is only found in positive connections with others. Then once we are engulfed in Joy, and shrouded in Grace, the abundance, prosperity, wealth and riches that SERVE OUR HIGHEST GOOD, will come effortlessly.

Today I am grateful for this meager audience, and it is my greatest desire that SOMETHING I wrote made a difference for you!

Thanks a million.


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This season, (the time after the snow melts and we can comfortably venture outside in New England) has been wrought with events, challenges, responsibilities, and weekend chores for me. More so than previous years, and most of my distractions are the weekend chores. I have not gotten the bike out much (once) to my disappointment. That makes it difficult to write anything about life that would relate to my exploits on the road, but I will give it a shot.

We all know that there are considerate people and not-so considerate people in the world. Those of us with insight understand that the former creates and spreads joy, while the latter are the antithesis of peace and contentment. I believe anyone whose actions are detrimental to the peace of this life must not be doing so intentionally but lack the understanding of how we impact each other’s lives and experiences. These people are not BAD, just uninformed. I will attempt to explain:

All of us that are enthusiastic about being out on the road in whatever type of vehicle we are passionate about, understand the interstate highway system, state and county roads, and back road systems of our country. While I84 does not intersect with I95, you can get to it through a network of connected highways and roads. It may appear that they are separate roads, but in-fact; they are connected. From whatever road you happen to be on right now, you can get to any other road in this country somehow (except in Maine, “you can’t get there from here”). Without having to pack up your ride and ship it. The roads are all connected.

The same is true for all of physical, mental, and spiritual life: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! There are just those that do not understand that. All of physical existence is nothing more or less than energy in motion. What gives the appearance of separation is that energy of different objects is vibrating at different speeds, but it is all the same energy. For instance, when you walk into a house where someone is cooking with garlic; they may be in the kitchen, and you the foyer, yet you olfactory senses detect the garlic. That is because the air is all connected, and the proximity is such that there are not enough conflicting elements to disguise the presence of the garlic. Garlic is a solid object, about 100 feet away, and you are aware of the gaseous existence of it in your experience. That is the connection.

Everything in life is connected. To varying degrees, what I do in Naugatuck today can have a ripple effect on a cheetah in the Serengeti. If you toss a bottle out of the window of your car, a visiting dignitary from Belgium could trip on it and fall, ending up in the Hospital. This would cause (him, her) to miss an important meeting that could have secured funding to save an endangered breed of spiders that could have eaten all of the mosquito’s carrying a deadly virus, thus causing thousands of deaths in Europe that summer. A bottle toss could do that!

 I pass gas in the hall; you smell it in the living room. I drive erratically, traffic backs up for miles, you miss an interview and don’t get the job. Your child does not get e medical treatment she needs and suffers.

There is always a way to get there from here. All rods are connected. What we do: MATTERS!

 It is not just about being polite or considerate that I write this. Being nice is not a touchy-feely thing. It is imperative that we all understand that ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED! The quality of life on this rock requires we all understand how we affect one another.


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Cricket Chirp

So many of us complicate life by attaching significant importance to the mundane, trivial occurrences that we are confronted with. There are those that seek to control the narrative of life to suit their purpose by manufacturing crisis’s and promoting them as dire situations we all need buy into with passion. The news media, Hollywood, big business, government, and organized religion are all guilty and proud of it. They claim they act in our best interest. Somewhere along the line it was determined that these entities know what is best for us and we are all ignorant sheep that must follow blindly without question.  The result of this mass manipulation is the unilateral distraction from our own intention and a collaborative focus on their agendas. In short this is tantamount to Mind Control.

Each of us are co-creators of this world with the task of using our imagination, desire, and intention to add beauty to our collective existence. When we turn our focus where directed by these entities of power, we compromise our contribution and end up creating from the intention of another. We all have talents and abilities that is incumbent upon us to utilize in our effort to co-create experience. Life is about joy, not pain. Pain is thrust upon us so we will alter our path to align with theirs. Take every step possible to be genuine with your intentions and authentic with your actions and you will be leaving your mark not theirs.

We are surrounded by beauty and exposed to the natural order of creation daily yet allow our focus to stray to the man-made crisis’s that feed the mass hysteria. The path of least resistance is always the most rewarding and usually effortless. We can tell when we are off trail by how difficult the ride is. When I go out on my bike, I stay on the black top. My Big Vic is not a dirt bike and will toss me around if I take the rocky road. I enjoy riding the smooth macadam.  One of the things I enjoy about riding in the country is that on the bike I am closer to the road and able to see more of nature and my surroundings. Beautiful landscapes are more vivid, I can appreciate well maintained properties that I pass, I can hear the birds and even sometimes hear the crickets chirping. Now in the city, with the clatter of traffic, the angry roar of road rage tirades, factories clanking and sirens screaming, it is difficult to hear the true sounds of natural life. Once we can tune out the external exposure, silence the manufactured outrage, and zero in on our inner voice, we will be able to hear those crickets hiding in the bushes, even in the nastiest urban setting. The NOISE is the distraction we must eliminate. The harmonic sound of nature is the sign of enlightened thinking. Once we have reached the level of focus where we hear nature and not clatter, we will be creating the life that has always been inside of us longing to manifest.

Set your filter to INTENTION, move your focus inward, block out the noise and listen for the chirp. It is always there.













The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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The Tasks of Life

It is Sunday of Memorial Day weekend as I sit and write this piece. We call this weekend the “Unofficial” start of summer since meteorologicaly summer actually begins on the summer solstice, (Day with the longest stretch of sun) which this year is Friday June 21.

For me though, summer starts the very 1st day I determine that it is not going to snow again this season. You see, I live surrounded on 3 sides by woods, with a 500 foot driveway that has a huge hill that runs alongside that needs weeding and mulching. With the leaf clean up, twigs and branches, thatching, preening, and mulching the list of chores to get my property even halfway respectable is longer than my arm. Then there is the power washing, deck painting, gutter cleaning and planting. After all of that, I need to dig out my yard furniture, get that all cleaned, and then clean out the shed and garage. Of course I also need to clean and get the bike ready (to be looked at all the time with a maudlin sense of longing since I rarely get to ride it). This usually eats up every weekend until Memorial Day. The week AFTER Memorial Day I open the pool. So at the Rodgers Compound; Summer “goes live” the 1st week of June. By “Goes Live” I mean I am done working on it and can finally enjoy it. A rough estimate reveals it takes 3 months of weekends, to be ready for 3 months of summer. Then 3 months of Fall and 3 months of Winter undo everything. It is worth it though. I think I have it just about balanced.

Between this summer prep, my job, my pursuit of everything Positive, with the writing, posting, and planning, along with whatever side hustle I may be entertaining, volunteer work and family responsibilities, and taking care of the pooches, there is not very much time left to unwind and enjoy. Unless of course I can say that all of this IS JOY!

Being alive, having family to love, property to prep, and an opportunity to have some kind of impact on others is JOY! I can say the task of living is not work, drudgery or inconvenient. These things are what life is about.

Make no mistake though, I AM taking today off and going for a Bike ride with my lovely wife on the Vic, then attending the best Parade in CT tomorrow. No matter how much of phone pics 033this JOY I can take, a little down-time never hurts. Just about everything turns back on after you unplug it for a while. With some things, they even reboot and are better. The key is balance.

When the task of life becomes a chore, we need to reevaluate our priorities. In my Book “ 1ST Things 1st” I wrote about dreams and goals that can tend to eat up life and only offer a brief sense of satisfaction after many years of struggle.  If the goal robs us of a Perspectivelifetime of Joy for few minutes of satisfaction, we may have taken the wrong path to begin with.

Take a look at where you are going. Is the destination worth the price of the trip? Like I always say, The Journey is everything! There is no point heading ANYWHERE if the trip to get there sucks.

If you saw a Blue Victory Cross Country in the Litchfield Hills with a guy and his wife smiling on Memorial Day weekend, you may have driven passed me. I’m the guy that waves at everyone.



I hope everyone took some time to honor those that gave everything so we can have all of this. Make the best of life so their sacrifice was not in vein.

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